Graveyards are filled with sweet-tooths and gluttons: culture and food risk in Sonora


In recent years, different studies in Mexico have recognized the reciprocal in uence between diet and culture—the relationship linking production, business, consumption, nutrition, and the production of health risks (Chávez et al. 1994; Nolasco 1994; Martínez and Villezca 2000; Bourges et al. 2001; López 2003; Sandoval and Meléndez 2008). Today, the simple act of eating not only constitutes a cultural phenomenon that nourishes identities but is also a polemical act that presents risks to human health. Its close relationship with various political, ecological, biogenetic, nutritional, and biotechnological aspects has required researchers to give as much attention to the restructuring of the global agro-food system as to the dietary traditions of los pueblos and to the analysis of their symbolic relationships.


Sergio A. Sandoval Godoy
Sandra Elvia Domínguez Ibáñez
Anayeli Cabrera Murrieta

Publicado en

Journal of the southwest, 54, 4, pp. 569- 597, Universidad de Arizona, 2013.

Artículos, Industria de alimentos, seguridad, consumo y cultura alimentaria